Here’s to never stop learning.

It’s simple and powerful enough for all to identify with it, with its meaning and purpose of reawakening your human spirit, your inspirations and being more aggressive about going after your passion and dreams instead of just letting them evaporate.

Welcome to the beginning. This is the first step in my experimentation to reach beyond the who and the what I know to make the world a better place from when I came into it. To inspire others, as well as myself, to go after what I love in life, even if it doesn’t always appear to be logical.

As most of us have hopefully experienced in our lives at one point or another that sometimes our love or passion for something goes beyond the logical. As we get older our day-to-day routine slowly grinds away our once ambitious dream of doing something incredible with our lives. I want to help reawaken those dreams and aspirations, regardless of how illogical they may sound now. As long as you’re breathing, you have time to make this happen.

I welcome everyone to post their inner most aspirations and goals that you would love to accomplish that just might defy most people’s definition of what logical people would do. I look forward to reading the stories you share, as well as, sharing my new logic-defying stories with you as we build a social community of individuals like you and me that believe:

Love Defies Logic


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